How To Find Ratio: Tutorial, Examples, And More

In this class, we going to focus on providing information about how to find ratios.

The term ratio can be described as a mathematical expressions that compare two or more quantities and numbers.

Ratio can compare absolute amounts and quantities, and can also be used to compare portions of a larger whole. Ratios can be written and calculated in fractions and in percentages.

However, the basic principles governing the use of ratios are universally the same.

Uses Of Ratios
Ratios can be used in both real world and in school settings to compare the differences between two or more quantities.

The simplest form of ratio compare only two numbers or quantities.

However, ratios can also be used to compare more than 3 quantities and numbers.

For example:

In a basket containing different types of vegetables and fruits such as spinach, apricot, cabbage, carrot, avocado, apple, and oranges. All these can be expressed in form of a ratio.

Ratio is only used when two or more numbers and quantities ar…

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